A Hindu bride’s ‘hennaed’ hands.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Throughout the world the union of a man and a woman is a much celebrated occasion. In most cultures it is a time of great festivities and elaborate rites and traditions.

In India, for instance, on the night before a Hindu wedding, an artist will apply henna in intricate designs on the bride’s hands, arms, legs and feet. As for the groom, he may choose to have a Baraat — an elaborate groom’s procession — and arrive to his wedding on a beautifully costumed white horse or even an elephant.

Some wedding day traditions revolve around, surprisingly, animals. For instance, a groom from the semi-nomadic Maasai tribe is expected to bring livestock, such as cattle and goats, with him to the home of his chosen bride before the wedding as a sort of dowry or payment. Some of these animals will then be given to the groom’s new in-laws, while others will be slaughtered and used in preparation for the wedding.

In South American countries like Venezuela and Columbia, the giving of a dowry is more official yet ultimately symbolic. In these countries, the groom will present 13 coins, also known as Las Arras, to his bride during the wedding ceremony. It is a gesture that is supposed to show that he will be capable of taking care of her after they are married.

There are so many different traditions associated with the wedding. It would be fascinating to take a tour around the world hopping from wedding to wedding to experience the variety of customs associated with different cultures.  What traditions are you familiar with?

When the excitement of a wedding proposal wears off, it is time to begin the planning process. Planning your dream wedding is a time-consuming and long-term project, but that does not mean it must cause strife within your relationship or stress until after the big day.

Set Aside Time for You

The most important aspect of easing the wedding planning process is setting aside time for your needs as an individual and as a couple. Take a day off from planning and go out on a date. Set aside a few minutes every day to relax with your favorite hobby.

The biggest problem with planning a wedding is the stress, so take time for stress management.

Delegate Tasks

Stop trying to do everything alone. Although a bride and groom must make the final decisions, delegating some of the tasks can help alleviate stress and take off some of the pressure. Working with a wedding professional can help narrow down the choices so that it is possible to enjoy the wedding.

Take a Break

When it seems that the wedding is taking over your life, give yourself a break. Take a few days to stop thinking about it and then return to the task with a fresh outlook.

Planning your perfect wedding may be exciting, but that does not mean it must be a horrible experience. Take time for yourself and enjoy the process.

This video has been touted the best wedding video to become a viral hit in a long time.You may have seen the video that stole the spotlight this month of a bride and groom recreating the iconic dance scene from ‘Dirty Dancing’. A Wisconsin couple, Terra & Drake Otto, surprised their guests with a spot on recreation of the dance sequence from the famous 1987 romance film. With the groom replacing Patrick Swayze and the bride, Jennifer Grey, the couple recreated the famous dance scene to perfection. The video became a hit on youtube and was viewed over 3.5million times in less than 3 months.

Would you consider creating a dance number like this? Make sure to get a quality wedding photography and video company to capture it so that when it does become viral, it will do your dance justice!


If you are a follower of developments in wedding photography and video you have probably heard about the landmark 3D wedding video that was produced for the first time a few years back.

An Australian cinematographer made history in 2010 by filming what is thought to be the first 3D wedding video. He used specially loaned 3D cameras from Panasonic to video a Sydney wedding. He showed some of the shots at the wedding itself including the ‘money shot’ of the bride walking down the aisle.

It is also becoming a big hit in India where more and more brides and grooms are choosing to get their wedding shot in 3D, although it does cost 3 times as much as a regular video.

we have yet to see it become popular in the US but you never know. Do you think 3D wedding cinematography will be the next big thing in America?

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