A small team of passionate cinematographers based in New York, making real wedding films for real people

I met with a marketing specialist to help me put this site together. When we spoke about my history, he said, “We have to make sure that we can tell it in one or two sentences.” I thought to myself: my history is important to me. It’s made up of many years, experiences, and key moments. It can’t be said in only one or two sentences! With that said, if you don’t have a minute to read it, you are welcome to skip this section. However, if you decide to stay, I’m happy to tell you how it all started.

I have always loved movies. Good ones. Especially dramas.

For seven years of my life I worked in my uncle’s photography and videography studio in NY.

In those seven years I shot hundreds of wedding videos. Yes, you read it right; hundreds! I also edited all of those wedding videos and more into a single, three-hour wedding video! And that’s where my story begins.

After editing so many weddings into a one three-hour video, I decided that it was enough. I couldn’t watch those long documentaries anymore! I needed something new, something interesting, something different, something that I could be proud of!

I took the time for myself and I started to think about how I want my movies to look.

The first thing that came to mind was that I must tell a story – a real one, Trust me, every couple has a story!

In those years spent in my uncle’s studio I learned how important family and traditions are, so I decided that those two super important things will have to play a big role in my movies.

I also wanted to make sure that viewers who never met the bride and groom knew something about them minutes after they started watching the movie.

I decided that the time for special effects and other cheesy things is over. Another important thing I decided was to keep everything real. I like realism.  I can give my couples some advice on how to do things that they already doing, like putting the dress on in a way that will look better in camera, but I will not tell them to do things that they are not doing naturally! In other words, I want to make sure we keeping everything REAL!

It was with those facts in mind that I made the decision to open Roey Yadgar Films.

I am very proud of the movies we have created since opening in 2008, as well as those that we are creating now.


Award winning cinematographer
  • I love buying shoes; unique shoes, in particular. I will not buy them if too many people are wearing them.
  • I have three brothers.
  • Family and tradition are very meaningful to me. In fact, my family is the single most important thing in my life.
  • I love espresso. Perhaps the only thing I love more than espresso is making wedding films.
  • I love watches!! Good ones.
  • Johnnie walker Blue is my choice of poison.
  • I love watching movies, especially dramas.
  • I LOVE Soccer!
  • I love road trips, but only with my car!
  • I love collecting points and frequent flyer miles on my credit cards!


We love the film! You are incredibly talented!!!

Dana M

Thank you for the beautiful Video!!
Everyone is thrilled!!

Rosie S.

We watched the film last night and we just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it and what a great job you did!!


The video is AWESOME!!  we just watched it a few times, and we can't wait to watch it more! THANK YOU!!!

Jenny, F

Roey, The film was awesome! Thank you so much! You have an amazing eye for capturing the story and editing it all together in an intriguing way.

Joshua K.